Platforms & Technologies

The Platforms & Technologies Division has transformed how the life sciences industry creates, deploys, measures, analyses and controls content globally through an innovative suite of fully integrated cloud based Life-Science analytics products. A range of innovative solutions are available, all designed by experienced and senior pharmaceutical executives:


Comet™ The Intelligent Detail Aid – Comet™, is part of the ProCom Rx Global Agency Suite and provides full integration capabilities with major life sciences CRM & medical approval platforms

Commercial Analytics System

The Commercial Analytics System is built on cutting edge technology that provides a first in class end-to-end global, regional and local cloud based analytics solution designed and built for the Life Sciences industry

Delivering real time, cloud based commercial analytics at every level through our patented Skyhook technology. Receive actionable and objective data and Manage all strategic elements of your brands globally, regionally or locally. The Commercial Analytics System ensures that Global Brand Managers understand and control the strategic implementation and utilization of their campaigns.

From a promotional compliance perspective, the Commercial Analytics System allows the Global Brand Managers to react quickly in the event of regulatory breaches, competitor or customer issues and campaign changes.

Product Management System

The Product Management System is the first and only Pharmaceutical specific strategic implementation tool of its kind. The system disrupts the current commercial model by analysing the local Rep engagement and aggregating the data from a local to a regional and on to a global level. The system gives both a macro and micro view on how promotional material is being utilized

From managing multiple data points via a single customer engagement through to the global cloud analytics delivery of these data is now available through our Product Management System interface.

The system is the first and only of its kind and is designed and build specifically for the Life-Science industry. This breakthrough technology empowers pharmaceutical executives as well as disrupting the current commercial model.

Digital Content Management System

Delivering a seamless production process from global to local and addressing the specific Life -Science requirements of both Primary and Specialty Care, the Digital Content Management System represents a breakthrough in cloud based content automation.

Seamlessly implementing your agencies creative content and integrating with your CRM through a several ‘hubs’ located in the US, EU and APAC. This is a significant move away from the traditional ‘off-shoring’ and  partial coding model.

The Digital Content Management System represents an exciting break though in the current process and delivers to the emerging needs of ‘digital de-coupling’

Customer Support

We are dedicated to ensuring customers and partners achieve significant and lasting value. Our Enterprise Customer Support network delivers premium information across all of your technology and communication needs.

ProCom Rx offer multi-level support programs that deliver expert support specialists, best practices, and pharmaceutical administrative knowledge to leading clients worldwide.