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Today Wayne Paterson, CEO ProCom Rx, presented on ‘Integrating Zinc with CRM & CLM platforms’. Mr Paterson first gave a snap-shot of what keeps pharma executives up at night, and overall industry insights quoting research that showed:

  • 67% of Managers state that “compliance to regulations” is amongst top 3 challenges
  • 55% of Managers state that “increasing growth and scalability” is amongst top 3 challenges (78% state that CRM/Sales support have a material impact on this)
  • 48% of Managers state that reducing costs is amongst the top 3 challenges. Placing compliance and commercial systems implementation on top of the list.

He highlighted the need for greater global control over commercial operations citing the risks and recent fines that have occurred due to commercial compliance breaches across the world.

He said that companies have paid $13bn USD in fines for “non compliant marketing and sales practices and how the impact of The Sunshine Act which came into effect in recent years is being felt across the globe.

Paterson stressed that decreasing access to customers, combined with increasing pressure on Pharma margins, and increasing compliance requirements lead to uncertainty and risk for Pharma executives. In order to mitigate this risk on a global scale as well as gain effective control over global commercial operations, companies need to employ broadly based, fully integrated enterprise level solutions and systems across their global operations.

There are many dozens of varying software solutions for pharma companies, but very few that are truly useful, scaleable, global or Pharma relevant in their product design said Paterson.

His view is that current solutions are provided by two broad players:

  1. Consulting companies who provide point solutions as part of a “one off” engagement and
  2. Providers of software “modules” for one or more pieces of the solution

Paterson went on to say that “The market need is very under served, as providers address individual pieces of the problem, but no one is addressing the entire end-to-end process” 

“Solving The End-To-End Dilemma means that we must deliver to Application, Performance and Monitoring” requirements in an industry specific way. This means employing fully integrated solutions that give a seamless experience for users across the world.

The three way partnership between Zinc, Veeva and ProCom Rx allows the reconciliation between different data models and allows an end to end solution for Global commercial operations seamlessly across the globe at an enterprise level whilst being highly Pharma relevant in the functionality of the combined solutions.

About ProCom Rx. ProCom Rx is headquartered in Geneva Switzerland and is in the business of providing cloud based objective commercial analytics and promotional compliance solutions to the global life sciences industry. ProCom Rx is a global business with offices in the US, EU, Japan, China and Australia