About ProCom Rx

Our Mission

We will put peace of mind within the reach of every Global Pharma CEO who seeks to increase productivity, improve compliance and decrease costs within their organisations across the world

ProCom Rx

ProCom Rx is incorporated in Geneva Switzerland and is in the business of providing cloud based objective commercial analytics and promotional compliance solutions to the global life sciences industry. ProCom Rx is a global business with offices in the US, EU, Japan, China and Australia

Life Sciences People

Through the skills and commitment of our employees, ProCom Rx will be leaders in our selected life science cloud based commercial analytics and digital promotional compliance markets – excelling in delivery, quality and technical service to our customers.

ProCom Rx are committed to the highest levels of business and ethical behaviour and to fulfilling our responsibilities through the creation of long-term value for all stakeholders on a socially and environmentally sustainable basis.

The ProCom Rx team come from senior pharmaceutical marketing careers. Our products are designed by senior and operational level Pharmaceutical executives. Our products are purpose built for the life sciences industry and are supported by state of the art technical platforms and processes.

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